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Obrempon Folklorics
The group was founded in 1988 by Samuel Takyi and Kofi Badu. It is a versatile group of exceptional talents in the areas of African music, dance (traditional/contemporary), theatrical pantomime and percussion, based in Cape Coast,Ghana (west Africa). The group represents a potential in the industry of artistic performances (there are videos of some performances). Until May, 2001, OBREMPON has been under the direction of Samuel Takyi, researching into the rich musical heritage of more than 30 ethnic groups in Ghana, adding their own musical and artistic creativity to the original material to make it relevant to the modern music and dance forms, so called "Fusion of roots and today ". Besides this, the group performs traditional music and dance from other African countries, such as Senegal, Togo, Benin, Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc. Nowadays, the productions of the group are basically artistic montages of dance that represent the great variation of African music and dance. Its musical repertoire is basically traditional, with some fusion and original creations of the group, using traditional percussion instruments, guitars, keyboard, and sometimes some wind instruments. From its formation, Obrempon Folklorics have performed in diverse places; local and international festivals of Ghana and outside Ghana. For example, Ghana Tourism Awards night-1996, Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra; NAFAC '97 (National Festival of Arts and Cultural, Cape Coast), PANAFEST '97 and ' 99 (Pan African Historical and theatre Festival, Cape Coast/Elmina and has represented AGORO-CILTAD, in the " Black History Month " in some colleges and churches in Detroit, 2002 USA. From May, 2001, the group has been under the leadership of Kofi Badu while Samuel is studying and looking for opportunity for the group to perform in Spain and Europe.
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